Some of my favorite websites, books, blogs, and other resources

“Milk all the cows you can, but churn your own butter”Henlee Barnette

 I thought I’d share some of the books, blogs, and other resources that I find interesting and helpful on my faith journey. Since I’m always finding something new, this page is a work in progress!

Trigger warning: If you are a young-earth creationist, inerrantist or other kind of Biblical literalist, you will probably not enjoy these links, as most of them reflect a progressive-evangelical viewpoint.

William Barclay books and commentaries Barclay was a Presbyterian teacher and professor at the University of Glasgow. I’ve read (and liked} most of his books, and tend to pull out his New Testament commentaries first whenever I’m looking for clarification about something. I particularly enjoy the interesting historical and cultural background he provides in his commentaries.

Diane Butler Bass website. I’ve read “Christianity for the Rest of Us” and “A People’s History of Christianity”

Biologos:website “BioLogos invites the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith as we present an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation ” I also can recommend “The Language of God” by Biologos founder Francis Collins.

Brazen Church: website.  “We are an online community of “free thinking” Christians. We believe Jesus was serious when He said He was “The Truth”, and accordingly, we believe pursuing truth will bring us closer to Jesus, even if it diverges from the little boxes we tend to lock Him in.” I subscribe to their email newsletter and follow them on Twitter

Center for Action and Contemplation: Website. I signed up for Richard Rohr’s daily meditations, which come in the form of an email list rather than being posted to a blog. Rohr is a Franciscan whose meditations explore the contemplative foundations of Christianity. I’d compare his writings to those of Thomas Merton. Some of what he writes is way over my head, but often I find his thoughts very meaningful. I’m currently reading his newest book, The Divine Dance. and following CAC on Twitter as well as Rohr’s Twitter feed

Benjamin Corey blog:”Benjamin L. Corey is an author and speaker with a passion for dissecting the overlap between faith and culture, and exploring the mission of the Church.”

Rachel Held Evans: Website with link to her books, “A Year of Biblical Womanhood“, “Faith Unraveled“, and “Searching for Sunday”. I’ve read and enjoyed all three. She doesn’t blog as much as she once did, but there’s a link to her blog on the website.

Peter Enns: blog, “The Bible for Normal People”. I’ve read his books, “The Bible Tells Me So” and “The Evolution of Adam

Morgan Guyton blog: “Mercy Not Sacrifice” Guyton is a UMC campus minister at Tulane and author of “How Jesus Saves the World from Us” Follow Guyton on Twitter here.

C.S. Lewis books: I particularly like “Mere Christianity” and “The Great Divorce”.

James McGrath blog: “Dr. James F. McGrath is Clarence L. Goodwin Chair in New Testament Language and Literature at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
He blogs about religion, the Bible, science fiction, evolution, and lots of other topics.”

Jesus Without Baggage blog: Written by Tim Chastain, a former Baptist with who comes out of a fundamentalist background  and writes “for those attracted to Jesus but who question the traditional baggage often attached to his message” Follow Chastain on Twitter here.

John Pavlovitz blog, “Stuff That Needs to Be Said”

Progressive Methodists Facebook Page: Although I don’t always agree with everything posted here, I’ve often seen articles that make me think, and have discovered several new blogs through membership in this group.

Nadia Bolz-Weber blog: “Sarcastic Lutheran- the cranky, beautiful faith of a sinner and saint”

Sojourners website: “Faith in action. Committed to racial and social justice, life and peace, and environmental stewardship.”

Chuck Queen: A progressive Baptist (yes, they exist) blogger who writes “A Fresh Perspective”. Follow Queen on Twitter

Unfundamentalist Christians blog: “Unfundamentalist Christians is a group focused on following Jesus’ commandments to love God and neighbor” UCC-affiliated, posts are from multiple authors

N.T Wright website: Tom Wright has often been called a modern C.S. Lewis. I like almost everything I’ve read by him. So far, I’ve read Surprised by Hope,  Surprised by Scripture, parts of his commentary series on the New Testament for Everyone, and am currently reading The Day the Revolution Began and following Wright on Twitter.

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